Today when I’m starting to do my “dirty” job on this project it will never end…I hope it’ll end soon…I found that news which makes me very happy, next year Plastic Logic will release the first, REAL, eBook reader, very thin, usefull and lightweigth.. All the products released till now are some kind of “work-around”.. but instead this from plastic logic is very cool. This make me happy first of all I love technology when it gives help to the folks and to earth (how much paper we will save…) and then because this open the way to REAL electronic data exchange, I imagine services which makes me possible to buy a newspaper when I’m near the “seller”, or I can by a book with a click, download it and read it fluid..

Here the link the news I read this morning (in italian) at Futurix Blog

While waiting for this new piece of tech, enjoy!


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