Hi to everybody, it’s so many time I wish to post here about a new idea, a new Application Framework I started as an Open Source project, the project name is Nuts Framework.

The Idea behind is to build a set of tools and classes to build applications quickly, better, and with high modularization, loose coupling and more.

The name, Nuts Framework, came in to my mind thinking about some famous framework, (Struts…) and thinking too a name could figure a simple, effective and strong framework. I was thinking about the name “NUTS” (as the project blog name explain), as a simple framework-as-nuts. So I took some ideas and I put them together to build up an application framework.

I’m really sorry about the fact every time I post in my blog, I had to do fast and quickly ’cause I have much time.. So this is just an introducing post for the Nuts

The framework is made up of a set of modules, each one relative to a specific area:


this is the core part of the framework, contains all of the objects related to common tasks.


this is the web part of the framework, is build on the same concepts as the Struts2 framework, it would try to be a kind of .net implementation of some interesting features and patterns of Struts2


The project home page is at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nuts-framework/

The project blog home page is at: http://nuts-framework.blogspot.com/


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