Hi, it’s been a long very long time I have posted anything on my Blog.. and I’m really sad about that, but unfortunately I haven’t so much time in the past 2 months!!

In this past two months I’m working on a JAVA WEB project, we’re using technologies like Struts, Hibernate 3.0, Spring, Oracle Database and Servlet container implementation. I’m not shy to say this is my “Really Complete First” project in JAVA, and I have to say the experience was and is too exiting in many aspects, but sadly too.  Why I’m say this? simple, I saw a big confluence of technologies, uses, patterns, metodologies and more, I can say this could be an “Happy Develeoper Isle”, I’m too lucky cause I’m working with a colleague very cool, with strong experience and an open mind, this THE OPEN MIND took me to the “The Isle Of Thinking men” as I named by joke.

I’ve 10 years of experience, all of them in Microsoft technologies, and some marginal experience in Java, but rarely I found an open mind, a really open mind in Microsoft Technologies World, I say in the “day by day developing work”! I know peoples who I respect and I admire, with an open mind, strong experience and knowledge, but maybe, the folks in our job, they think this kind of person is a kind of “crazy scientist”, just because they goes off the lines of wich the MS developing folks adopt.

Now, in many situations, if one uses “tools” like wizards, and more, which brings the experience to 0 and to one click, if one uses them FAST, and i don’t know what else, this one could be considered a GREAT, but if this one, try to do wht his job intend to do, DEVELOPING With An Open Mind, this one could became a CRAZY or something else.

Now if I bring this one to The Java world, this one, could became not a great but nothing more that a merely very junior developer (I’m not saying you can recognize an experienced developer by how much code he writes, it’s clear experienced developer caractheristics are more complex and more in number!! now I’m saying about a way of thing, about an approach, which I really don’t like).

After some time, I realize that, what my best java collague does, if I brings that to the Visual Studio world, he could be considered a crazy man, but in the Java world he is a good senior developer. If I have to do a comparison between the world, I can see this:

  1. Java World
    1. Java developers has got a way of thinks in code reuse, but even in “developing” what they needs
    2. unfortunately Java developers has got many tools, but are lacking of strong visual tools (excuse me, I know there are many IDE’s but rarely visual tools are like Visual Studio’s ones)
    3. Java Developers can tend more to be ALT, not every time the built-in features are the better ways to do
    4. Java Developers are, from the “Junior” stage, born with an open mind and a way of think “self serviced”
  2. .NET World
    1. .NET developers rarely think in code reuse, nor to REALLY componentize things, in my experience I saw peoples who said “Do it, Do it dirty, Let it work and anything more”
    2. developers has many and many visual tools, even if this could be seen as an happy Isle, this will bring brilliant young minds to an obscure sleeping mind state (Do it, Do it fast as possible, more). Developers in this way totally lose the way in searching solutions, but first in DEVELOPING, they became Tools USERS and anything more
    3. if a .NET developer became ALT, this could happen after more and more experience, because he or she has to growth by evolution, from a BASE .NET developer to the high skyes of Open Minds, something like MATRIX WEAK-UP. If a developer try to show it’s open mind, in a microsoft world, maybe all of time he or she will be considered a Dark Obscure Scientist
    4. …..

I’m sorry about this long very long thread, but this is what was in my mind for more time. Now, me too I was in the obscure Microsoft MATRIX Kind Of Mind, but after years now I’m weak up, and I hope, I wish, I’ll do, I will spend some of my time to share experience, and anything else could be useful to peoples who wants to weak up… I know may be I’m stupid or visionist, but this is my though.