Hi, my name is Manuel Martone, I’m 30 year old, I’m Italian I’m born in Naples but now I live in Rome. I work as Senior Developer, Architect in Microsoft technologies like .NET and as a Developer in Java technologies, my interests goes from simple software developing to software architectures, in the last years I fell in love with Design Patterns and architecture related topics. I really like this job, it’s more than a simple job, it’s a passion, I try to do it with passion in my day by day job.

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2 Responses to “Info”

  1. Hello, Im sorry for bother you about this. But I was now following your post about mapping Oracle Raw in NHibernate and I need a little help.

    Im getting:

    “ids for this class must be manually assigned before calling save()”

    Because I’m not sure where and how I should create the new ID using your IUserType. If you still have a litle example or have some time to write an email trying to explain this little thing I would appreciate.

    I need to this for a important school project, so please say something even to say that you can’t help me.

    Ricardo Canastro

    1. Ops comments on the wrong place.

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