Hi, recently I bought a web space to finally host my web site an official blog. I’m experiencing some troubles with subtext so I haven’t do an entire blog export from here to there, I have problems with the image publishing feature, but at now, it’s still alive, some post are there, the layout is standard one, I hope I can change it soon…

The new blog is at and soon wille available in the root my new web professionals says “stay tuned!”


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UGI conf

Hi, I will share and give my support to the next event, I hope I could be there, but however you find in my Events page details about events I support or I will partecipate to.

This kind of event is one the best suitable for developers who shares the “ALT philosophy”, I invite you to go the the site (go to link above) and to see the detailed agenda. unfortunately the link, the material and the event all is in Italian..