In these days I’m thinkng about the concept of “Achitecture” and “Architect”. Even now I’m experimenting what I’ve experienced for years about what the folks (in my country) thinks about that, and I’m, or better, I can be too confused..

I don’t want to fall here in discussions about what is an architect or what is and what makes an architecture because I thinks many good peolple talked about that (i.e. Arnon Rotem), I want just to post some thoughts about the fact generally people, in this job, think about architecture, design, development, as maybe the easiest thing to… I’m saying that because every day when decisions needs to be taken, or things have to be done well, the words I usually listen are “It must works”, “It must be done early and dirty” and so on… you can imagine what is the flow…

What I think, and everytime I stay on that, software architectures, software architect, doing this job in general, is not a trivial job as It can seems to the folks (I say this with caution..) It’s not possible to think our job could be done by everybody, not because to be architects or related is to be an elite, but because IT’S NOT SO SIMPLE AS IT COULD SEEMS in general.

I’m not helped by my poor english to explain my concept, but I hope I can try.. I fell in so many troubles about bad decisions, bad organizations, bad communications, and so on in my tiny past (11yr) even me I did in bad things, but I hope I’ve learned from my mistakes.. but this story is going on and sometimes I think it never stops..

Recently I’m thinking about the fact, technologies, framework, tools, languages and so on, became everytime more detailed, more in general, and the learning curve is eccesive than before, I think about the VB3/4/5/6, COM times, sometimes I thinks this could helps to understand the fact we have to continuosly learn, concepts became everytime more sofisticated, we have to be professionals and good programming can’t be made by tools, Drag and dropping things or something similar. We daily read good people and good techinicians blogs, read articles and more, but our daily life it’s more soiled than the “dreaming” reality people continuosly read about… I call it “dreaming” because I would like if it could be reality, but in real, things are so dirty, and we have to fight to try to do things well, and why not with passion…

I can continue talking about that hours, but now I stop, I’d like to know you’re opinion, how are things in your reality, in your country, or better near to you? I’m living in Italy..


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