July 2008

Little little fact…

Today I took my last certification exam MS 70-547 “PRO: Designing and Developing Web-Based Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework”. I had no time to prepare myself so well, but at the end it was good enough! Now I’m MCPD on Web Developing… next I’ll do exams to became MCPD on Windows Applications and maybe even on Distribuited Solutions that’s my favourite…even if it’s based on Remoting and not on WCF!




Hi, it’s been a long I haven’t written anything on my Blog, unfortunately, I haven’t much time to do anything in this period, but I want to re-begin to write in my Blog..

Now, I’m really exited, I’m starting to do something with the new technlogies and tools that are in TOP of my learning and working curve.. I’m joking, I have to do a Course as a “Teacher” on WCF (but this, it’s one year I’m working with WCF, it’s not really new for me) and I have to begin a new project with Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and NHibernate.. I wish, I desire, to do something with a ton of the new technologies now are on the place, unfortunately I have no time, but I’m trying to read, to experiment even in my not-sleeping nights…

I Hope I could start to post something about Architecture, Silverlight, NHibernate, Entity Framework, WCF, and more….I hope…


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